Introducing Emory!

Isn’t she a lovely little frock?

With her sweet little purse pockets….swoon!

As soon as Izzy & Ivy posted a sneak peek I knew I had to have this.  Period.  It went straight up to the very tip top of my sewing must haves (and believe me when I say it’s a climb to the top!)  But for added fabulousness I was one of the lucky few who got to sew her up in testing!!  Whoop whoop!  Aside from the adorable pocket there are those uber cute sleeves.  Would they be classified as a cap sleeve? This answer I do not know but it’s how I’m going to refer to them for now.


And did I hear someone say “loop button closure back”?  Ahem…please and thank you!


Well…I think that just about does it! How about a parade of prettiness??? Sure why not!

IMG_8353 IMG_8361 IMG_8323IMG_8356 IMG_8376

Until next time!


PS. I think I have a new not-so-secret fabric crush on Joel Dewberry Fabrics!


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