Need a Maid?

In my quest to make every princess…..I was given the privilege of testing Cleaning Cinderella!  I love Megan’s patterns over at Made for Mermaids. I use most of them for creating my creations.  Jenna loved this so much she wore it ALL. DAY. LONG.  Awesome!  Only my house did not get cleaned…LOL

IMG_8490 IMG_8483 IMG_8553

Instead we held the cat down for a photo opt, smeared soap all over the floor, tried to “wipe” it up with a brush….

IMG_8578 IMG_8584

But it was so much FUN!  According to Jenna.

IMG_8562 IMG_8579

Then we went outside to freeze a little.  We just had a round of snow this week and thank goodness most of it has melted!

IMG_8597 IMG_8601 IMG_8605

She had to move around a little to stay warm…poor thing.

IMG_8604 IMG_8603 IMG_8602

The thing about this pattern is it’s really versatile.  It doesn’t HAVE to be cleaning Cindy.  But I will save that for a later post 🙂

Until next time!



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