Reading Week Is Here


We love to read!


I’m sure you have figured out by the picture what my book inspired dress is by now.   Yes its The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! I just HAD to use Izzy & Ivy’s Emory, with her sweet little pockets!  This is some of the fabric that I’ve been hoarding for a year.  I bought this fabric specifically for reading week at  Jenna’s school I think from  The polka dot trim came from Candy Castle Patterns


Jenna is in Kindergarten and they usually have some fun things planned for reading week.  I’m not sure what they will end up doing since the kids only went back to school because of the snow….yesterday.

She is using the picture clues to sound out the words

She is using the picture clues to sound out the words

One of the reasons I loved this book when I was little was because of the colorful pictures.

IMG_8677  IMG_8678

Not to mention you got to count along.

IMG_8680                     IMG_8679IMG_8684

And finding out how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly at the end.

IMG_8698      IMG_8703  IMG_8690

I’ve had this copy for 10 years now so it’s a little tattered and worn and has been read so many times. Jenna is the only one of my 4 kids who still enjoy these children’s books. But I thought I would include a few of our favorites from when they were all little. Maybe it’s one you have never read before! Like me, I have not read The Yearling. So thanks to Jessica that will be my pool book this summer.

Goodnight Moon                       Love you forever            The Kissing Hand

IMG_8826                                         IMG_8825

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry,

and The Big Hungry BearIMG_8830

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie                                Pinkalicious

IMG_8824                                  IMG_8828

June B. Jones (series)

Mrs. Nelson is missing

Keep reading my friends!

Until next time….



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