Fresh Ideas

So I have been thinking.  Some of you I’m sure responded “uh-oh she’s gonna make us work!”  Yes and no.  Mainly my husband but he doesn’t know that just yet.  I have this um…craft space.  Well, it’s not so user friendly.  We don’t live in a very big house.  Infact we are very much like sardines packed in here.  But that’s ok.  I can work in small spaces.  I’ve been doing just that for years now.  But I need some ideas for ORGANIZING in small spaces.  As my business has grown, so has the amount of my supplies.  Let’s face it…my crafting/sewing doesn’t pay the bills.  It just allows me to craft/sew some more!  So message me some ideas of how to use this tiny space…please! 

Oh and did I mention I want to pay next to nothing to do it?  Yeah lets recycle stuff I *might* already have. 

I found this idea on Pinterest and I have 2 of the large soda crates I could use.

Great website with all kinds of ideas for CRAFTY STORAGE

And I have a piece of gutter to clean up all of the ribbon I own.  Another Pinterest idea!

Anyway if you see something that might work for me out there in craft land, send me the link!!!!


Until next time….




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