The Posey Party Dress

Hi everyone!  It’s me again!!  I’m JaNette from over at  Merri Poppins .   I think the snow has finally left us alone until next winter-yay! My girl didn’t freeze to “get the shots” today so she was a happy one.  The pattern up today is The Posey Party Dress by an Australian designer Ainsleigh Fox for One Thimble magazine.

IMG_9321          IMG_9276

I had planned on making 2 different dresses, this one above and another using this great fabric I have but didn’t have enough on hand for Jenna’s size.  But the “printing issue” finally got me.  You know the one where if it’s not set print to scale the little test box is off. Which means your printed pattern will be off.  Well, yeah…that one.  I ALWAYS measure those boxes.  I’m not sure how this one escaped me so instead of the second dress, I spent the day sewing a second bodice.  Please make sure you print this correctly!!!  I can’t stress it enough!  This dress is a little bit of an investment as far as time goes. I wish it were something I could whip up in an hour because I would make many more!!



This pattern features:

  • sizes 1-12
  • metric AND imperial measurements
  • removable sash
  • button back
  • lined bodice
  • encased waist seam
  • nested printing pages with color coded sizes
  • step by step photos with corresponding numbered instructions


IMG_9292    IMG_9248


Don’t you just love those ruffled frills!?!  I have to admit I loved NOT having to run elastic through a casing to create them.  You just ruffle the fabric to fit the strap and viola! Adorable and easy ruffles!

There is also no topstitching on the fully lined bodice except on the bias tape that covers the frills. I will probably topstitch future Posey’s just because I prefer it that way.

The instructions jump from making the frills then ironing the interfacing for the buttons and then getting the skirt started.  The hem of the skirt is meant to be a little bit higher than what I have mine.  I serged the bottom and folded it up and added a lace trim. Otherwise it would have the hem going through the middle of the children and I couldn’t have that!

Instructions are given for the waist to have an encased seam but I’m sure if you want to serge and then topstitch the seam to the bodice you could. The benefit of having an encased waist gives your finished garment a professional look.  I would definitely use a pattern like this for a special occasion dress.

The bodice is fully lined and simple to assemble.  Just remember to clip the corners and the neckline before turning.

IMG_9268  IMG_9262 IMG_9261



She loves to twirl in it!  The sash is removable and topstitched.  I noticed the bow holds its shape well and I like that a lot.  Most of my sashes suffer from a droopy bow after she’s been wearing it more than 5 mins.  I know, I know there are a ton of tutorials out there on how to tie a bow and even a perfect bow tutorial by Robin that I should be using. I will, one day….


IMG_9272 IMG_9271

This pattern is rated as a confident beginner. I feel that it might even be intermediate.  You have to sew button holes, encase the waist seam, add a skirt placket and sew bias tape.  When sewing an encased waist seam it does take a bit of patience and a lot of pinning.  If I had not already learned how to sew a placket, that particular step would have halted production for me.  It’s a different way than how I learned but I can see where a beginner might have some questions.

Overall I like the pattern and it’s options to dress it up or keep it casual.  The frills are super adorable but you don’t have to add them if they are too girly for you.  Now that Jenna is getting older, I am appreciating the patterns that are in a wider range.  I can see this being something I will make again and can do many things with to make it my own creation.




Until next time….







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