The Bay by BG

Oh no she didn’t! I just can’t believe how absolutely adorable this dress is! EEEEEK!


Why yes I’m talking about The Bay pattern by Brownie-Goose. I didn’t get the chance to review this one for Pattern Revolution but that’s ok. I’m going to talk about it anyway. Cuz I can. πŸ˜‰


I think I created just as much buzz over Jenna’s hair sloppily done up as the picts of the dress.


Well first of all…Pinterest is my friend. I have fallen prey to not wanting to think for myself these days so I get lost on Pinterest looking and pinning all of the wonderfulness out there. It’s just easier than spending hours of trial and error that I don’t seem to have. I tried to make my phone a case today and guess what? It failed. I will try again in a few days but having a custom shop, I stay pretty busy.


Anyhoo…back to this sweet and feminine dress. I hoard fabrics from time to time and I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone. I buy a few extra goodies when ordering for my customers for just these occasions…and I save them. I never know when these fabulous sales are going to happen like the most recent bundle package sale. So I was so excited to use them when I saw what was going to be in the bundle. Actually there were 3 I was looking forward to making for Jenna…. The Bay, Beverly Belle (by Izzy & Ivy) and Poppy Fields romper (by Ellie Inspired). Well friends, I got as far as picking out my fabrics for these 3 and started on the bodice of the Bay before my entire family came down with yet another virus/flu/grossness. I’m so tired of being sick (coming from a family who is not known for catching every single bug/virus/yuckiness that comes to school)…..we have been sick a lot this school year for whatever reason.


So like I said I was rudely interrupted and my sewing was held hostage for a few days. But once I got a chance to finish it…I DID! Complete with fancy Pinterest hair and a mini photoshoot in my backyard here she is……





Until next time….


Make It and Love It

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