Glimpse of our Summertime






In an effort to take better pictures and “learn” how to create that awesome blurry background that Becca has been trying to teach me FOREVER… today’s bike riding provided some practice.IMG_0341

So it’s not perfect..but I hope it’s an improvement at least.



I think I got something……big arrow pointing down…right here!!!



Ashton and Jenna were good sports about posing for me too.


The color is off and they are blurry in the wrong spots… maybe not my best from today.


This one is my favorite. It reminds me of when she was a baby and he couldn’t get enough of her….always holding her and protecting her…


Trying to get the 4 of them to hold still for ME is like herding feral cats….one is always looking away!!!



Or making a crazy face…..


Stair steps for now…


Point is……I’m still learning whether it’s in my sewing, baking,  photo taking or parenting.

I’ll figure it out evidentually!!!

Until next time….



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