Calling all LilyGiggle lovers!!!!

Did you know that LilyGiggle is coming back out with new and improved designs?  Well, if you have never heard of them before…hold on to your hat you are in for a treat!



Pants length

Seriously, these adorable Ring of Ruffle pants are TO DIE FOR!  I’m just happy that Jenna still likes stuff like this.  I can imagine the cuteness on a wee one, though.  Oh my gosh!  And then I feel a little sad by that thought as I didn’t know how to sew back when they were really little..sigh.

IMG_0257 IMG_0264 IMG_0254

But I think she can still rock those ruffles at 6 years old, right?

Shorties length

The little shorties were my favorite to sew.  I suspect it was due to the smaller fabric amount 😉

IMG_0295 IMG_0281 IMG_0266

All of these are made with super soft knit and using some of miss Becca DuVal’s knit sewing tips and tricks!!!  I love that I was able to make these 3 in a weekend.


Bermuda length

I also love all of the options with this pattern like different lengths and being able to print ONLY your size.  Beth you ROCK!

IMG_0309 IMG_0305


So all in all this is a must have staple for the ruffle-diva you sew for.  If you don’t sew then I’m sure I can help you out there 😉

IMG_0255 IMG_0273 IMG_0308

Aaaaaand look for a hair bow tutorial soon.  I know there are a ton of them out there but I want to share my way 🙂

Thanks for listening to me gush over my recent cuteness!!!


Until next time…



Ps…just because I love this….



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