For you, FRIEND……

captainfieldday renee renee1124_124

There really is such a thing as being “One in a million” or “Larger than life”.  Or being so dang special there is no real word to describe a person.  Unless of course you were fortunate enough to meet this person…then you understood.  She used to tell me, “I want to be like you when I grow up” when we were in one of our discussions about my kids, and how much they were driving me crazy and how whatever was going down at the time, went down.  But you know, I always replied to her..”No, I want to be just like you when I grow up!”.  Because that’s the truth. I did. I still do.  There is just something about how she saw the world that gave you hope.  She was everyone’s friend.  I mean EVERYONE.  I know you still don’t believe me…but she was. She was pretty amazing like that. And so much FUN!  ALL THE TIME!  She would be the first to come dressed up as some character and encouraged the kids as well.  She loved Junie B. Jones books!  So at field day she was known as CAPTAIN FIELD DAY! I wish I had my camera with me on the day she dressed up as  Mrs. Viola Swamp. Or the day she got a “Bad Case of Stripes”.


But I did capture this gem….the day Shrek was taped to the janitor’s closet by Mrs. Parr’s class.  She and the janitors had started this rivalry (all in good fun) and each would take turns putting Shrek in different spots.  This banter continued all year long.  I think she and her class had the final say though.  Taping him to the door was pretty funny.

059_59-001 011_11

This was quite common for the kids to be lounging around during reading time.  Oh, and making silly faces on party days. Or allowing the kids to wrap her up in toilet tissue like a mummy.  Baby Jenna always had a good time in Mrs. Parr’s class.  And we always wore our sparkle shoes because sparkle shoes are the bestest evah!  She always did want a pair in her size.


Field trips, awards, celebrations and all things fun really did fill our days……

158_158042_42-001reneecake Including the soon to arrive Miss A. with a surprise classroom baby shower!

149_149 141_141

Of course they were still learning but having fun at the same time.  She was the type of teacher who could turn just about anything into something the kids really wanted to learn about.

165_165 034_34 IMG_6028

It feels so strange that she’s not here with us. I am so very fortunate to have all of the wonderful memories with her at school.  And so many more that I don’t have pictures of.  Like the last time we talked in the copy room.  She said to me in her expressive manner “Jenna can’t be the last Herndon I get to teach.  You have to have another baby!”  Sadly, that ship has sailed.  Jenna is the last baby for me.  She was practically raised in Mrs. Parr’s room…LOL And even when I didn’t have a kid in her class, we were always in there for a visit or delivering cupcakes/hairbows/dresses…something!

IMG_7445 144_144

I think I’ve almost gotten myself convinced she’s just on vacation somewhere. But then reality sinks in and my head starts spinning again. For the millionth time. So recently I decided that I had to do something to honor her. To help keep me busy and to help me grieve the loss of someone who meant something to me. But to also be a part of keeping one of her life’s mission’s alive. To “give kids a chance to become the grownups they want to be”. Which is why the Renee’s Cheerios fund was set up.  To help the kids at our school do just that.  To give them a chance to be that grownup. Whatever wish their heart makes…….


I decided to have an auction on my fb page which was the “No Bow, No Go” auction.  I figured we (Becca DuVal and I) managed to raise some money for the tornado victims of  Moore, OK  last year so I knew what to do.  I asked my sewing mamas if they wanted to participate.  I let people locally know what I was setting up.  THEN the donations started to pour in!  All in all I ended up with over 145 items to auction off. Unbelieveable. I definitely had more than one teary-eyed moment as people started contacting me with donations. I was awestruck.

I thought…sure…I’ll raise a few hundred dollars and that will be awesome!  I asked everyone to help make this EPIC, just like Renee. And guess what?  YOU DID!  Together we raised $1965.00!  I will say it again …………………………………..

TOGETHER WE RAISED $1965.00 FOR RENEE’S CHEERIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes it was a lot of work.  But totally worth it.  I do want to thank everyone who donated items for this (One more time)…..

snickerdoodlestew-auction karao-auction brooke-auction jenni-auction cjackson3-auction

Jessica Stewart               Kara Orr             Brook Fulwider        Jenni Mouer           Courtney Jackson

onceuponaprincess2-auction rosieposie-auction elliestruck-auction likeamother2-auction jenT-auction

Nicole Salcido         Stephanie Huenink         Larissa Gibbs   Sarah Unthank     Jeanine Thomlinson

Lilyshine-Auction   mermaids-auction Fullofgrace-auction IMG_1115 becca-auction

Cassie Nicole      Raedene Averitt     Nichole Akre         Tina Reichwein       Becca DuVal  

cindy-auction genieve3-auctionheidi2-auction meg-auction melina-auction

Cindy Keener       Genevieve Thompson         Heidi Kovach        Meg Bost        Ginger Grogan

I thank you ladies so very much.  I could not have made this happen without your help and support. And a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who purchased our goodies to make this dollar amount what it is!!!!!  You all are the BEST!!!!!!!! I also want to thank Suzanne Winter and Robin Hill for helping to spread the word about the auction over at Pattern Revolution.

I am thrilled to have been able to host this and have you all participate in something I know would have made her smile.  She would have loved this!

Until next time…..just remember….”A little glitter can turn your whole day around” ~Junie B. Jones




3 thoughts on “For you, FRIEND……

  1. Thank you for this!! When I finished reading, I looked down and saw my shirt was covered in tears. You described her and her legacy perfectly! Your auction was nothing short of Naymazing!! Thank you for everything!! I hope we get to meet in person soon. Although, I feel like I already know everyone who had been touched by Renee. Xoxo

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