Forgotten Pictures

I’m really bad about writing here in my blog.  I forgot to share these pictures from months ago….like in the fall.  I reviewed the Cricket from Brownie Goose over at Pattern Revolution in November.  Click on the link to see the review.

IMG_2417   IMG_2414



I think this picture was my favorite from that day.  She is just so sassy!  I’m really excited to take some photos tomorrow for a TOP SECRET release coming soon.  I will have to say that I think I have found a new favorite pattern!!!!!  EEEEK!

IMG_2249    bgcricket

Here is another shoot I didn’t share,  but it was because of the holidays.  Boy were those some hectic days around here!  I love this picture!!!!!!!  The timing was just right.  This was also for Pattern Revolution and it involved a mashup of two different patterns.  I had plans on sewing this with a different bodice but Patrick had the flu and I couldn’t justify spending the $$ on supplies.  That Tamiflu is EXPENSIVE!  So I went with what I had on hand.  Hopefully she will get to wear this next year as well.


There is a stable down the street from us that has some really friendly horses….as you can tell.  The neighbors must bring them treats often.  As soon as we pulled up, they stopped what they were doing (eating) and rushed to the fence.  A few were disappointed that we came with nothing so they went back to their hay….except these two.

IMG_2560      IMG_2580

I have a couple more photo sessions to share but I think for now I will leave it at this.  If all goes well tomorrow, I will have an exciting picture to add to my favorite photos list!!!!  Wish me luck! There are lots of things coming up soon so stay up to date on my FB page and on IG!!!



Until next time,



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