It’s March ALREADY?

Where did the time go?  I blinked and missed it all?  No actually, I’ve been full on in the trenches of raising kiddos and dealing with that four-letter-word…SNOW.  It’s not a lot of fun around here when school is canceled and I have pretty things to sew for my paying customers.  There is a lot of “No, stop that!”…”Wait ’til your father gets home!”…”Nevermind, I’m calling him at work!” going on.  I’ve said it a million times lately…Bring on SUMMER!


So remember that top secret photo shoot I was working on?  Well you can read all about the lovely Gabrielle-Fae here at Pattern Revolution.


See that fabulous car right there?  Ever since I won this fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop in a giveaway at Welcome to the Mouse House on fb, I’ve been thinking about that car.  I just didn’t know what pattern I was going to use…until the girl’s bundle came out!  So I put my name in for the SisBoom pattern and it all came together!  Our friends at PSR were kind enough to let us touch the cars.  You know how those car guys are and I can’t say I blame them.  A ton of work goes into restoring those “ladies” just like a ton of work goes into the items I sew. Labor of love <3!!!

IMG_2842  IMG_2825  IMG_2836

This was a really fun photo shoot and a really fun dress.  I hope to make some more soon…meanwhile hopefully you will show some love to the links above!!

Until next time,


ps.  Please No More Snow.


2 thoughts on “It’s March ALREADY?

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