The scraps have taken over!!!


So I have been at a loss as to what to do with all of the pieces left over from projects.  I have an entire drawer full of ruffled pieces to use on headbands, dress ruffle accents, bags, doll clothes, etc.  But I also have several bags and boxes of larger scrap pieces just sitting there.  Waiting. I don’t want to throw it all away because It’s definitely some pieces that can and should be used.  The teeny tiny small stuff, stuff that COULD be thrown away, is also put in a box for the cats to nest in.


Keeps them outta my stuff and their little fabric hoarder selves happy. I’ve also joined a quilting block swap and that has been really fun!  So far I have sent 2 sets of block out and I’m getting ready to mail the 3rd.




So, depending on what color they have requested, depends on how much of my scraps I can use. I have found a love of quilting AND I’m learning the RIGHT way of doing things.  Typically I just jump in, as in the case of then 1yr old Hailey’s log cabin quilt.  She is now 14!  I haven’t made a quilt since!  But this summer it’s on my to-do list and this is why….

I have always admired the quilts that have pictures.  Not actual pictures but the ones that are sewn together to look like something.  Little did I know that it’s called Paper piecing.  I have always thought how complicated this must be to cut all of those pieces! And how on earth they could sew some of them because of how ity-bity they are.  Boy, was I wrong.  It’s like putting together a puzzle but with FABRIC!  My 2 worlds have merged.  I can sit for HOURS putting together a puzzle.  It’s always been just one of those things left over from my childhood that I love.

I’m in a couple of sewing groups on fb and in one of them that I share my completed projects, kinda a bragging rights of what you have been working on of sorts.  I stumbled across someone’s post about The Project of Doom.  I’m not too active in this group but just sharing when I have made and taken awesomesauce pictures and need an ego boost.  LOL So it’s kinda odd that I saw the post at all.  What IS The Project of Doom, you ask?  It’s a Harry Potter paper piecing quilt-a-long!  OMG Jackpot!

I love those books and movies.  I’m not completely OBBSESSED but most likely when I’m sewing YOUR daughter’s dress or making Your daughter’s hairbows, chances are I’m watching HP. I have a couple of other movies/tv shows I also watch on repeat but probably 90% of the time, it’s HP. SOOOOO as soon as I saw this, I had to make it!  For myself.  I never make anything for me.  Just me.  Sure I’ll share it with Mr. Merri and we can cuddle while watching some other movie but this is really just for me.


Block 1

All of the patterns were released in 2011 and the designer Jennifer has updated some for various reasons and is being released on a weekly basis….since January 2015!  Oh no….I have to catch up!  They sew together quickly, IMO.  Yes, I have already had to use my seam ripper to adjust a couple of pieces.  But I’ve quickly learned how to avoid that!  Ya’ll know my adversion to seam ripping, right?  I like to sew it correct the FIRST time. I guess that’s where the “practically perfect” resonates with me…LOL Or it could just be my OCD showing. :p


Block 2

The designer has made all of the patterns FREE and has a great video tutorial of how to paper piece.  So if you have never tried this and always wanted to, check her out at She has other awesome quilt blocks if you are not into HP.


Block 3


Block 4

Once I get all of the books made, I will go back and give them titles…exciting!!!! I’ll keep you updated on my progress but I just can not wait to see it all put together! !!!

Until next time,



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