Scraps continued…..

So, I’m the closest to being caught up ever on orders and guess what happens?  My machine throws a code. Bummer. Mr. Merri and I took it apart, cleaned it out very well (you should have SEEN the lint!…..Yikes!) but it only made the code change to ANOTHER code. Guess it will take a trip this week at some point to be serviced. Fingers crossed that it’s an easy fix.

So before all of this happened, I was working on a couple of blocks for my Harry Potter quilt. Here’s the latest….


Block 7 variation


Block 11


Block 15


Block 10


Block 9


Block 8


Block 7

I traded some fabric with a few fellow “Doomers” to add more magic to my quilt. Ashton and Hailey have been helping me pick fabric out for different blocks. I think all of the kids secretly want one of their own now that they can see this coming together.  I know that I’m definitely going to make another at some point….this has been way too much fun!
Until next time,


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