You’ve had that pattern HOW long?




Yes, I know what you are going to say.  That’s crazy!  And, you are right…it is.  So a while back I posted this picture of Jenna wearing the Emmaline dress that I have FINALLY sewn up for her.


This is one of the very first patterns collected in my Violette Field Threads collection.  I just can’t believe I waited until she was almost out of the size range!  It is a few yards of fabric to sew up and I’m sure that has been what has kept me away for so long.  I’m not much on working with more than 1 yard at a time.  I have sewn the older kids very few things, so it’s not like I can’t work with more than a yard.  It just leaves so much room for error!  I’m always nervous that I’m going to waste good fabric.  I have friends and they have horror stories of wasting their best fabrics….sad face.

IMG_4558b  IMG_4561b

So, anyway…..Jenna loves this dress. She wears it often and says it’s super comfy. I’ve only had the dang pattern since 2013….SERIOUSLY!?!

I guess I can’t be too hard on myself.  I did sew it for the Fashion Friday series waaay back when Becca and I were collaborating.  Here’s the only other one that I’ve sewn.

Nectarine Emmaline

It’s got to make me wonder how many others have I hoarded????  Guess I’ll start tallying and sewing!!!

Until next time,




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