Oh the scrap stash is big…

So, as you know (if you have been following along) I’m sewing a Harry Potter themed quilt. My machine stopped working and Mr. Merri got tired of my sad face so he bought me a new machine. Yay me! And yay for Mr. Merri because I’m certain he was tired of THAT face…lol.


Block 14

This was the block I was working on when the other machine went ka-put. Ironically, the wand was of zero help…lol. Since then, I’ve been trying to catch up. That didn’t happen before the last week. But there are several of us who are in the same boat, so I have company in the fb group.


Block 13


Block 12


Block 17

I have to admit this Weasley block is my new favorite. The purple swirl fabric is from all of the Rapunzel dresses and the multi houndstooth is from waaaaay back when Becca and I planned Fashion Fridays. The 3 books are from the other lovely lady Doomers I traded with. The quilting world is so sweet and generous…hands down.

Block 24


Block 23

I have a few more blocks to photograph but I’ll save those for another day…
Until next time,

Ps. Total blocks completed out of 30 is……22


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