Our Summer Fun

Summer is quickly slipping away from us….but before it does, I wanted to share these moments…..

Back at the beginning of summer…Hailey modeled the Clemence shorts for me. Awesome woman’s pattern from FillesaMaman.  I need to make me a pair!  Maybe I’ll make a pair when the kids go back to school….maybe.


And then there was this rainy day at the botanical gardens.  These are some of my most favorite photos of this child. This is the Bluezette dress from Love Notions (a favorite designer of mine).  It’s hard to believe that she will be starting high school in the fall!!!  But it’s a new fun adventure! Well, that’s what I’m telling myself…LOL

IMG_3987 IMG_4058 IMG_4069 IMG_4071 IMG_4074 IMG_4085 IMG_4086IMG_4064

Then summer officially came and swim season started.  Ashton excelled beyond anything I ever thought of in 1 summer.  Patrick went to Champs for the 1st time for his personal events.  He was just happy to have made the back of the shirt!


The boys closed out their season with several medals.  Patrick earned a personal 6th place which is awesome for a first time at Champs.  Ashton came away with 3 gold medals and a huge smile.  They sure made their mama proud!

IMG_5031 IMG_5071 IMG_5043

I made the mistake of telling Ashton that if he got a 1st place, we would play the lottery.  So, we played 3 times…didn’t win big money….but nothing beats this pic of him finding out what he placed and looking up to the stands to let us know.

Now we are waiting on the mail to get here since the boys ordered a game to share after having a “together”  birthday party this year for their 13th and 11th.


I’m sure they will spend the rest of summer with their heads sucked into it. But that’s ok.  We have been helpers at 6th grade camp and we spent a few hours making copies for the middle school teachers. They also helped with the little kids at swim every day they were at practice…..so I guess they have earned it. I’m just glad they shared a party and gifts this year.  Made it a little easier on this tired mama.

Jenna has been helping me fill orders and helping to create a few new ones…here are our latest outfits to share!

IMG_5260-1 IMG_52721 IMG_5265-1

This has definitely been the summer for rompers.  I like this Pleated Playsuit from E&E.  It’s another one of those patterns I have had forever and never made.  I’m slowly getting to all of my purchases!!!

Then we have some back to school outfits I’ve been planning. Hopefully I will get to them all before that first day.  I have to admit…I’m not looking forward to all the paperwork that I will be filling out in a few weeks.  But I’m also not looking forward for the kids to go back because we have had a great summer.  I guess I’ll be back when the 1st day of school starts with all of those exciting moments!!!!

IMG_5297-1 IMG_5279-1 IMG_5278-1

Until next time,



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