Top Stitcher Interview with Bobbie


Can I tell you how excited I am to be a part of Top Stitchers season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  From the moment,  I signed up I’ve been so very excited.  I LOOOOOOVE theme-y types of things!!!!  Give me a task or a starting point and I’m on it!  And hopefully when I’m done, it’s exactly what you had in mind too.

Since we are paired up against another Top Stitcher, I’m here today to share a few things about Bobbie.  I found that she and I are very similar.  We both have 4 adorable kiddos, a love for quilting and our favorite soup is homemade vegetable beef soup!!  I sent her a picture of my soup with the caption “No fractions needed!” as a joke about myself and having to relearn those darn fractions as an adult.  But you can read all about my answers at her blog

So anyway, here is what I asked Bobbie ….


J:  How long have you been sewing?

B:  I wrote a blog post about learning to sew here.  Its more like a part 1 to learning to sew, because I didn’t really learn to sew until my oldest was born. I really wanted to learn to make her cute things, but didn’t have the money to be able to.

J:  What do you like to sew most and why?

B:  I like to sew quick items for my kids,  but because I sew for my business I don’t have a lot of time to do that.  But seeing a little one or someone loving something that I made is definitely one of my favorite perks of sewing for others.

J:  Why did you start blogging?

B:  A friend moved away and so we could stay connected I started blogging.  Then it evolved into support for my business.

J:  What is your blog name?

B:  A Vision to Remember.  I use to sell wedding décor and instead of coming up with a new name, I just kept this one.

J:  What sewing piece are you most proud of?

B:  Oh, that’s a good question! I love working with customers to come up with their own special quilt but I would have to say what my mom and I have worked on together.  She is an amazing seamstress!  She and I recovered a chair, redid the master bathroom and all of my bedding for my bedroom.

J: What challenges do you face (if any) when you sew?

B: Knowledge.  My mom knows how to do everything!  I feel like I’m comfortable quilting but not as much with other things.

J:  Why do you want to be in the Top Stitcher series?

B:  I saw a post for participators for season 2 and thought it would be fun to try. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into but it really pushed me outside of the box.  Plus I got to sew something for my kid.  I applied for season 3 and I hope to use what I learned last season.

J:  Does anything scare you about the prompt “Jingle Bells”?

B:  I don’t watch T.V. so I’m not sure what I will be doing yet.  But since I participated in last season, I’m going to structure what I do differently this time.  I need to research and not just jump in.

J:  So, you participated in season 2….what are you looking forward to most about season 3?

B:  The inspiration of others!  There are some amazing ladies in here that come up with ideas that are “WOW”.

So there you have it folks! I really enjoyed chatting with Bobbie and getting to know more about her.  She is such a sweet person and I feel like I have an instant friend.  I will definitely be chatting more with her as I go through my Harry Potter quilting adventure!!!!

Until next time,




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