Someone Else’s Scraps

I have an enormous pile of scraps.  It’s seriously getting out of hand.  And apparently I can’t say no to other people’s scraps either!  It’s like looking through your grandmother’s button box.  My mom had one when I was little and I can remember sitting for HOURS looking at all of the different shapes and colors.  So when I see friends getting rid of scraps I’m usually very intrigued.  Recently, I was gifted several bags of scraps.  And not the tiny snippets I keep of my own stuff.  Actual scraps that can be made into something useful.
So first up are these oh-so-awesomesauce neck pillows that I am now addicted to sewing.

It’s a free pattern/tutorial and it takes 30 mins to complete.  I couldn’t sleep one night so I made 8 of them minus the stuffing while I watched a movie. Aren’t they fun looking!?!  You can make your own here. They would make a great gift for anyone!!!

Then there is my mad – woman Valentine’s dress sewing I’m working on now. Isn’t this super adorable! ?!

Stay tuned for more!
Until next time. …


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