5 out of 4 Blog Tour

Hi there everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic start to your 2016!!!!  I’ve been rolling right along, in case you were wondering. So my 1st official blog tour of 2016 begins with a new to me designer …….5 OUT OF 4 PATTERNS!!  I will certainly be checking out some more of her patterns this year. I’ve never sewn something to wear out of fleece and I was pleasantly surprised with this little pull over.  I hope you stop by the rest of the blog tour as well and see what some of my friends made.  And if you want to make your own, take advantage of the coupon code!!

5 out of 4 Blog tour schedule:

1/10/16: Larissa from Connected by a Thread

1/11/16: JaNette from Merri Poppins

1/12/16: Ula from Lulu and Celeste

1/13/16: Tibeca from Sewing by Ti

1/14/16: Melissa from Rebel and Malice

1/15/16: Heather from All things Katy and Patricia from Sew Far North

1/16/16: Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

You can purchase your own copy of any of the 5 out of 4 patterns here for 30% using the code “fleeceforall” now through Jan 17th as they celebrate their 1 year anniversary!


So Miss Jenna has been eyeing some fleece at Walmart for a while.  This girl loves elephants if you remember me saying something about it a while ago. If not…I’m telling you now…lol…she is ELEPHANT-OBSESSED.   She loves elephants so much that I made her a Pinterest board a while back so I could collect elephant images for her.

So imagine the mommy points I scored for bringing home “My most favorite fabric in the world”.  IMG_7158-1


So I decided to go with the color blocked option with zippered side pockets.  This girl also loves her pockets!  I used the zippers that were in my stash (one teal and one pink) and they were not invisible zippers.  You definitely need that style if you want them to lay correctly.

IMG_7163-1  IMG_7162-1

I also decided to size up. I want this cozy elephant fabric to last for a while. Recently a friend asked “When did Jenna get so big!?!” So it’s not just me who realizes this kid is growing at super speed…lol. She has already made plans to wear it to school on Monday and I’m glad that it has decided to be cold enough so that she can.


Such a cute pattern and was easy to put together! I’m hoping the boys let me make one for them too.


Thanks for letting me sew up this, it was fun!

Until next time,




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