What’s on my Table Wednesday!

Hi everyone!  Last week I was going to share what I’m working on BUT my plans were halted due to one massive migraine.  Sooooo this week is much, much, much better!!!  YAY!  I bring to you…..

What’s on my table Wednesday!

Well that’s easy….


I’m working on Hungry Caterpillar Tunics!  I started sewing these over the summer for a back-to-school themed, ready to ship (RTS) collaboration with a few other boutiques. That was a lot of fun but short lived.  You see, there is a ton of work involved in hosting those and being a part of them.  So our little group kinda stopped for a while.  I do hope to get back in one at some point because I love the chatting and sharing with the other mamas!


This past year I revamped my Etsy Shop and my sales soared! It’s hard to find your niche in a place that has soooo much awesomeness and so many who do what I do as well. I had 39 sales last year alone.  That was a huge leap from 20 orders from the combined dates from opening in April 2012-Dec 2014.  Already this year 2016 I’ve had 7 orders….6 of them are Hungry Caterpillar Tunics!


So it’s safe to say this is a hit for me!!!  I love that so many of you are searching hi and low for that special dress for your little one’s 1st birthday 🙂 After a couple of requests to make these more “January friendly”, I’m happy to say that I will be offering this with flutter sleeves and other trim colors as well.


Happy Wednesday everyone!  It’s back to my table for now….I need to get these in the mail today!  Thanks for checking in with me 🙂

Until next time,



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