A Vision to Remember Blog Tour

The Addy Mae Quilt by A Vision To Remember is the absolutely perfect go to for an easy gift to make for a new mom!  This is one of those things I wished I would have had for my 2 babies who were born in Oct and March.


I made this on Friday when it started snowing here. I thought I would be able to hang it on my make shift clothesline for some pictures outside….but no.  It’s still snowing!   So the banister will have to do.


The most time consuming about this is cutting out the squares or rectangles. And the instructions tell you what order to sew the squares and rectangles so don’t be scared to try this!!!  It goes together quickly!


This is a gift for my neighbor but she doesn’t know what the gender is right now. Soooo if she ends up having a girl, I will probably add some bows to this!  I think it would be adorable!! I didn’t use batting so that it’s not too warm of a blanket.  She has a few months before her baby is due and the really cold weather will be gone by then. The brown dot is flannel (so so snuggly!) and the rest is woven cotton.  I also left off the baby canopy tabs for now, but once she gets her carseat I will add them.


So for now, she has a cute little rag quilt. I hope you check out what everyone else made in the Blog Tour!!  They have some cute fabric combos as well 🙂 Thanks for letting me make this Bobbie!  It was a fun sew!
A Vision to Remember Addy Mae is the perfect gift for all those little babies this winter! Be sure to check out the different blankets this week!

Jan 26- Larissa from Connected by a thread

Jan 27- JaNette from Merri Poppins

Jan 28- Patricia from Sew Far North

Jan 29- Essence from Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Jan 30- Jona from Stitches & Spills


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