What’s on my table Wednesday?

Hey friends!  Yes, I know I missed 2 Wednesdays…sorry about that.  Mr. Merri had to go out of town and then I came down with some crud that I’m sure my kiddos gave to me. But here we are today 🙂

IMG_7399-1 Can you guess what this is???????

Yep!  You’re correct!  It’s Rapunzel!  Evidently we are in full Rapunzel mode because this has been the most requested in the past week from my Etsy shop.


Jenna was so little then and it really wasn’t THAT long ago! Not quite 2 years ago! These kids sure do grow fast.  I will also be sharing some pictures of Miss H for a blog tour that is coming up soon.  I’ll have to dig back into the archives and see just how much they have all grown up before our eyes..LOL

I’ve also been trying to tame those scraps…..AGAIN!  That is almost a full time job taming the bags and bags of scraps.

IMG_7401-1 So I have found and pinned a few ideas to use them up.  I have a pinterest board called Quilting Beginnings if you want to check it out.

This particular scrap buster is from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff and this is a Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go panel.  My first attempt was ok.  It doesn’t look quite as bloomin’ as her example but I’ll keep at it 🙂  I have waaaaay tooooo maaaaany scraaaaaps so I’m sure a few less than perfect will be just fine.  I used the scraps you might have seen in some of my creations over time…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after I get a few of those made in between orders, I’ll have a new project to sew up!  I’m not sure what it will be as of yet so if YOU have any ideas I would be happy to hear them 🙂

Until next time,



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