AVTR Houndstooth Rag Quilt Blog Tour


Hello there!!! It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last quilt post but I’ve been at it again!  This time it was quite interesting 🙂


This is the Houndstooth Rag quilt from A Vision To Remember.  Bobbie was kind enough to mail out my favorite color (purple) from her fabric shop.  The print is called Briar Rose and it’s so lovely!  The darker purple is from my own stash and the light pink is a cotton solid from Riley Blake. You can find both of those in her Etsy shop.  Just follow the links! My purple didn’t quite match, but this quilt is for me….and the more purple the happier I am 🙂


I didn’t have quite enough of the pink to make up the second fabric…so I improvised with the darker purple.  It was actually easier than it looks!  I cut everything out and made my blocks.  Then I unpicked the ones that needed 3 fabrics, resewed with the correct color (pink or purple) and viola!


I would love to see each of the houndstooth as a different color!  I think it would be a really cool rainbow quilt. For the boarder, I didn’t follow any directions.  I made it up as I went…kinda in a log cabin style.  There is a border option in the directions, though.


I thought I would need extreme hand holding from my quilting friends to make this, but I didn’t!  So if you are looking to try something different give this one a go.  It looks more intimidating than it actually was.  I will warn you…..there is a TON of cutting.  I hear there are special scissors for rag quilts.  I do not own those so…. yes, I cut all of this with regular scissors.  But I will be looking to invest in those special ones!  I watched almost 2 movies to get it all cut.  Try it!!!  I would love to see what you make!!

Until next time,


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5 thoughts on “AVTR Houndstooth Rag Quilt Blog Tour

  1. I love they way you figured out how to incorporate a third color. And I am a HUGE Heather Ross fan, so I noticed your Briar Rose right away – such a great use of it. I agree – if someone had the time to modified the striped squares it would be really fun to see one of these with each tooth a different color. And yes – you should invest in special rag quilt scissors! It only took me about an hour to trim my whole quilt! I’m so glad I bought them. My hand didn’t even hurt when I was done.

    • Thank you so much! I thought I had responded much earlier…guess now is a good time…lol Thanks for the tip on the scissors…that makes me think i’m silly for waiting so long. It takes me forever to clip those.

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