What’s on my table Wednesday?

I have been staring at a pile of fabrics for a while.  Since we moved in here….2 years ago.  Yes.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!  Crazy how time really does fly.


I have so many things I want to make.  I have started with printing all of the patterns off and organizing the fabric accordingly.  I won’t know until I pick up that particular pile of fabric which sizes I will be making though.  So everything is uncut and just in piles.  Piles, piles, piles.  But I’m determined to make these things and list them!!!  Heck, I made 70+ items in 6 weeks time at Halloween.  I can do this!  There is a special reason I’m pushing myself this year. I can’t spill the beans just yet…but it’s HUGE!  Anyway, today’s WOMTW is summer stuff for babies!  Cute little denim diaper cover with bandanna shirts.  Adorable!  Perfect for the 4th of July or just a hot summer day.



Can’t wait for my new little niece to try this on!  She is gonna be so stinking cute!  This can be a great little sun suit for those who go to the beach but don’t want to put a swim suit on their little girl.  Add a hat or a cute little denim head wrap bow and she will be stylin!!!  I will have two style of  tops to choose from to go with the denim diaper cover.  But as always, if you have a preference of a solid color bandanna fabric…I can make that happen too!

Fingers crossed that it warms up soon so the babies don’t freeze during their modeling session!! Once I get modeled pictures I will list it in my shop!!  Keep your eyes peeled!!Until next time!



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