Spring Fever

Since my last post I have sewn up a few more things for my shop.  One of them being a cute little romper that reminds me of Beatrix Potter with it’s dreamy cabbage print.  Pretty teal, green, blue and purples!!!


There has been an upswing of my friends and family having little girls so I’m sure this one won’t sit around too long.  I have more Spring goodies in the works but who knows when I will get to them…..  

The kids have been keeping us busy between their events and us trying to keep away from the crud that has been lurking around.

We celebrated Jenna’s 9th birthday with a little surprise snow shower and then a warm beautiful day for her party! This weather has been a rollercoaster ride for sure….

We’ve also been working on the flower beds and getting things completed around the house so we can enjoy our lab puppies that are due to arrive soon! 

Here is Ashton giving Omie, Luna, and Bella a treat. I can not wait for furbaby feet again! Its been a while since we’ve had a house full of puppies. 

So all in all…we have been busy bees! I have been sewing up a bunch of princess dresses for orders AND a special princess Miss S is going to Disney soon,  so we had a cute photo shoot recently (more on that in another post). So thats all for now! I will also write up a short post about Jenna’s awesome unicorn cake sometime soon. So come back and check out all of that magical fun!

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AVTR Houndstooth Rag Quilt Blog Tour


Hello there!!! It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last quilt post but I’ve been at it again! ¬†This time it was quite interesting ūüôā


This is the Houndstooth Rag quilt from A Vision To Remember. ¬†Bobbie was kind enough to mail out my favorite color (purple) from her fabric shop. ¬†The print is called Briar Rose¬†and it’s so lovely! ¬†The darker purple is from my own stash and the light pink is a cotton solid from Riley Blake. You can find both of those in her Etsy shop. ¬†Just follow the links! My purple didn’t quite match, but this quilt is for me….and the more purple the happier I am ūüôā


I didn’t have quite enough of the pink to make up the second fabric…so I improvised with the darker purple. ¬†It was actually easier than it looks! ¬†I cut everything out and made my blocks. ¬†Then I unpicked the ones that needed 3 fabrics, resewed with the correct color (pink or purple) and viola!


I would love to see each of the houndstooth as a different color! ¬†I think it would be a really cool rainbow quilt. For the boarder, I didn’t follow any directions. ¬†I made it up as I went…kinda in a log cabin style. ¬†There is a border option in the directions, though.


I thought I would need extreme hand holding from my quilting friends to make this, but I didn’t! ¬†So if you are looking to try something different give this one a go. ¬†It looks more intimidating than it actually was. ¬†I will warn you…..there is a TON of cutting. ¬†I hear there are special scissors for rag quilts. ¬†I do not own those so…. yes, I cut all of this with regular scissors. ¬†But I will be looking to invest in those special ones! ¬†I watched almost 2 movies to get it all cut. ¬†Try it!!! ¬†I would love to see what you make!!

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Garden Party in Voile


Voile is probably my most favorite fabric to work with. ¬†I accidentally purchased some when I first started out sewing years ago (which was a happy mistake!) and nothing has topped it since. ¬†It looks like cotton woven but it’s kinda silky feeling and very light weight. ¬†My daughter absolutely loves to wear things made from voile.¬†Miss J picked this print out for her birthday dress which I purchased from Whimsical Fabric and it’s called Table Flowers in Cheer¬†.


The pattern I picked to sew is ¬†Garden Party by Oliver & S¬† and it’s also available at Whimsical Fabric. ¬†I thought the drape that the voile provides, would look nice on the gathered bodice of this pattern. ¬†Because the fabric is light weight, ¬†it did make gathering very easy. I always use a fresh needle when working with anything light weight.¬† We don’t want to ruin any pretty fabric! Especially since voile is a tad more expensive than regular cotton woven. ¬†It is 54″ wide, so you can possibly make a few things from a yard depending on what it is and still get your money’s worth.


This was my first Oliver & S sew and it definitely has nice finishing ¬†touches that I haven’t sewn in a while. ¬†Sewing the bias tape around the arms was a tad harder than normal for me. The fabric was slippery being that I only pinned it in place. ¬†I’ll have to find a better method if I sew this one in voile again.


You can also make this with a second fabric for the bands on the bodice if you don’t like it in all one fabric. Most of the time I choose a two fabric option so I thought I would change it up this time ūüôā¬†¬†I left the length long on her because she likes her dresses like that. ¬†I think just above the knee, however, would be super cute! There was also¬†an option for short sleeves that I will try next time. I’m sure she will ask for another one of these as she didn’t want to take it off. But then again, voile feels cozy on the skin so I can’t say I blame her!

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I hope you enjoyed what I made and will check out the other ideas as well!!!!

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You can shop voile fabrics on the Whimsical Fabric website and be sure to use VOILE for 10% off your voile order! Coupon expires Thursday, March 24th at midnight CST.

It’s March ALREADY?

Where did the time go?¬† I blinked and missed it all?¬† No actually, I’ve been full on in the trenches of raising kiddos and dealing with that four-letter-word…SNOW.¬† It’s not a lot of fun around here¬†when school is canceled and I have pretty things to sew for my paying customers.¬† There is a lot of “No, stop that!”…”Wait¬†’til your father gets home!”…”Nevermind, I’m calling him at work!”¬†going on.¬† I’ve said it a million times lately…Bring on SUMMER!


So remember that top secret photo shoot I was working on?  Well you can read all about the lovely Gabrielle-Fae here at Pattern Revolution.


See that fabulous car right there?¬† Ever since I won this fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop¬†in a giveaway at Welcome to the Mouse House on fb, I’ve been thinking about that car.¬† I just didn’t know what pattern I was going to use…until the girl’s bundle came out!¬† So I put my name in for the SisBoom pattern and it all came together!¬† Our friends at PSR were kind enough to let us touch the cars.¬† You know how those car guys are and I can’t say I blame them.¬† A ton of work goes into restoring those “ladies” just like a ton of work goes into the items I sew. Labor of love <3!!!

IMG_2842  IMG_2825  IMG_2836

This was a really fun photo shoot and a really fun dress.¬† I hope to make some more soon…meanwhile hopefully you will show some love to the links above!!

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ps.  Please No More Snow.

Pippa in spring

Hi everyone!¬† I’m JaNette from over at Merri Poppins.¬† I don’t think I have ever actually introduced myself before. Ooops! Sorry about that!¬† I am a mom to 4 kids with Jenna being my youngest.¬† I have been sewing since¬†she was about 2 years old.¬† Guess what?¬† She just turned 6 on¬†March 14.¬†¬†And boy oh boy is she being a sassy girl!¬† Just take a look…. IMG_8909¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†IMG_8934¬† ¬†IMG_8894

So, who’s ready for spring?¬† I am.¬† I keep thinking that if I sew enough spring and summer items that mother nature will get the hint.¬†Like this fabulous jacket here!¬† The Pippa from Izzy & Ivy.¬† This is a perfect little jacket for spring made in a lightweight fabric. ¬†If you choose to use a light weight fabric make sure you also choose to use interfacing. It does make a difference. Especially with this style. This pattern comes with…

  • nested pattern pieces
  • sizes 2 thru 12
  • chart with finished measurements
  • ¬†chart with fabric requirements
  • chart with cutting dimensions
  • a well written tutorial with tips
  • a pattern printing table of contents


So first off I didn’t have to print every single size like you normally have to do with nested patterns.¬†I simply found the size I was sewing and printed the page range.¬† I ended up printing sizes 5, 6 and 7 only.¬† There is a 1 inch test square and that is so important!¬† I do measure those every single time I print a pattern.¬†Even if I have printed the pattern before I still measure it! LOL


I have to admit something….I love the way ruffles look but I’m not a huge fan of sewing them.¬† All of that pinning and gathering.¬† So I was so very excited to be given the chance to sew up Pippa.¬† With all of her lovely, lovely topstitching!¬† If you are not a fan of topstitching….this is your warning.¬† Not only do you topstitch once, but actually twice on the pieces that require it.¬† So around the bodice, sleeves, pocket flaps, and collar you will find two topstitches.¬† It does take a little time but I assure you,¬†it’s worth the effort! To me, it gives a crisp, polished¬†look to this¬†jacket. Also adding to the polished look is the fact there are no exposed seams.¬† That is also a big¬†A+ for outerwear!¬† But I didn’t know until I made¬†this, ¬†how much¬†of a difference¬†it makes to not have serged seams showing.¬† There is a¬†detailed tip included to show you how to use the¬†“Tokyo finish”. ¬†I love learning new tips and tricks!!!


As¬†far as the overall fit of the jacket…remember that it’s just that…outerwear.¬† They will be wearing another layer of clothing underneath.¬† So, with that in¬†mind I should have gone up a size for Jenna.¬† I did measure her arm length and sized up to the¬†7 for the¬†sleeves.¬† It fits her now.¬† But I don’t see her being able to wear this for very long. That makes me sad because she picked these fabrics for this jacket¬†as one of her birthday gifts. ¬†I could have avoided this mistake if I had¬†sewn a muslin first.¬† Live and learn.

IMG_8886     IMG_8914

There are also several buttonholes to make (this is where the interfacing is important)….1 on each sleeve and 4 on the front.¬†And where there are buttonholes, there are buttons to sew on….1 on each sleeve, 4 on the front and 2 on the faux pockets.¬† I used my buttonhole foot attachment for my machine so it didn’t take very long.¬† The pattern has the placement marked for these, you just have to take the time to transfer the marks to your fabric. The only downside was not having functional pockets.¬† I know, I know, that’s why they are called faux pockets.¬† But for kids like Jenna who like pockets, if it looks like a pocket it should be a functioning¬†one.¬† Immediately after getting the jacket on, ¬†she¬†tried to stick her hands in the pockets.¬† Then sad face.¬† No pockets.¬† I know I can easily add them but I will do that later. Maybe.

IMG_8928        IMG_8993

So overall I¬†would rate this pattern for the intermediate/advance seamstress. One reason being, ¬†I worked on this for a few days but with no interruptions I could have it done in 1 day (I’m counting cutting it out, marking it and sewing). ¬†I would make this again especially as she gets older because this style will grow well into tween years. Second reason being, there is not a lot of over explaining in the tutorial. ¬†You have to have some basic knowledge of sewing coming into this one. ¬†I’m not saying a beginner couldn’t tackle this and succeed, but it’s better suited for a more seasoned seamstress due to the precise placement of pieces.


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Garden Layering Skirt

From time to time I’m lucky enough to test for some lovely designers. ¬†This is one of my favorites by¬†Amelie & Henri. ¬†The Garden Layering Skirt¬†is so sweet and dainty. ¬†This is my favorite of her patterns to date. ¬†Now, if you are one of my closest friends then you know how I went on and on about “The Coat“. ¬†That will always be an all time favorite. But anyway….back to this little scalloped skirt.



This is the correct way to wear this. ¬†Not the pictures below. ¬†I was so mad that I didn’t double check the seam placement. ¬†Honestly I didn’t notice until we got home and I loaded the pictures that Jenna had it on incorrectly. ¬†Sigh. ¬†So that prompted the next day photos with snow.

So crazy what a few days or hours make…..
IMG_8748  IMG_8730     IMG_8731


Yes friends…this is just 1 day difference.

IMG_8804     IMG_8806    IMG_8802

For the record…this crazy weather is making us all feral. Feral is what I call my kids when they have had too many snow days and are officially climbing the walls. ¬†You know…everyone is grumpy and argumentative and just ready to get back to their own normal. So…feral it is!

But the skirt is a pretty easy sew and different from the rest of my collection. ¬†Thanks Kerri for letting me test for you again! ¬†Love the newest pattern ūüôā


Until next time…


Reading Week Is Here


We love to read!


I’m sure you have figured out by the picture what my book inspired dress is by now.¬†¬† Yes its The Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! I just HAD to use Izzy & Ivy’s Emory, with her sweet little pockets! ¬†This is some of the fabric that I’ve been hoarding for a year. ¬†I bought this fabric specifically for reading week at¬† Jenna’s school I think from Fabric.com.¬† The polka dot trim came from Candy Castle Patterns


Jenna is in Kindergarten and they usually have some fun things planned for reading week. ¬†I’m not sure what they will end up doing since the kids only went back to school because of the snow….yesterday.

She is using the picture clues to sound out the words

She is using the picture clues to sound out the words

One of the reasons I loved this book when I was little was because of the colorful pictures.

IMG_8677  IMG_8678

Not to mention you got to count along.

IMG_8680                     IMG_8679IMG_8684

And finding out how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly at the end.

IMG_8698      IMG_8703  IMG_8690

I’ve had this copy for 10 years now so it’s a little tattered and worn and has been read so many times. Jenna is the only one of my 4 kids who still enjoy these children’s books. But I thought I would include a few of our favorites from when they were all little. Maybe it’s one you have never read before! Like me, I have not read The Yearling. So thanks to Jessica that will be my pool book this summer.

Goodnight Moon                       Love you forever            The Kissing Hand

IMG_8826                                         IMG_8825

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry,

and The Big Hungry BearIMG_8830

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie                                Pinkalicious

IMG_8824                                  IMG_8828

June B. Jones (series)

Mrs. Nelson is missing

Keep reading my friends!

Until next time….