What’s On My Table Wednesday

Yep, it’s Wednesday!  I’ve been a busy, busy lady.  The month of May is always jammed packed full of stuff.  For example….Mother’s Day, our wedding anniversary, dance recitals, prom, field day, track season, and our annual Memorial Day cookout (check out IG for picts of those happenings) And a few other things thrown in there!  Today was the Wax Museum for Jenna’s class.  One of my favorite things they have in 4th grade!!  She was Abe Lincoln….


And here are the girls in their costumes from dress rehearsal…



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Now I’m in my office trying to decide on what I should work on next. I have a bunch of baby items to sew up with all of the new bundles of joy that have arrived or will arrive soon! Several cute-as-a-button romper styles for girls or a tiny Vintie Overall for the sweetest little boy who was born over the weekend.  Decisions, decisions!!  However,  I did finish these little items about a month ago but had to wait for warmer weather to snap a few pics.  Aren’t they the sweetest girls!!!



And welcome to the club Lilo and Stitch!!  My newest character dress is Lilo.  Hopefully I can find a large floral print to use for the main listing on Etsy but for now this sample will have to do 🙂 and will be available on Etsy to purchase!!


That’s all for now!!  I will share what I decided to make on IG!

Until next time!!




What’s On My Table Wednesday?

So I’ve been a tad MIA.  I know…I know.

BUT we bought a house (HUGE STEP)!!!  Annnnd I have my very own sewing space!!!!  I could not be happier.  But more on that later……

Sooooooo before our move, I was asked to make a lace dress for a sweet friend’s daughter.  A 1st Communion Dress to be exact.  I have never made one before but her sweet mama guided me as to lengths and such.  She found something she liked and I tried to recreate something similar.


I used the Gabrielle-Fae pdf pattern.  I’ve made that one a few times now.  So I modified it a tad to get the overlay just right. It really turned out so sweet and Miss E. got to wear it a couple of times!  Hopefully my stitching will last so it can be an heirloom dress for her to hand down to her future generations.  I love that the scalloped lace hem was so perfect on the sleeves.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell online exactly what size is going to look right in comparison to the person wearing it.  But it lined up perfectly there 🙂

She is absolutely darling!  Thanks for letting me make this for your special day!


Until Next time,


The Bay by BG

Oh no she didn’t! I just can’t believe how absolutely adorable this dress is! EEEEEK!


Why yes I’m talking about The Bay pattern by Brownie-Goose. I didn’t get the chance to review this one for Pattern Revolution but that’s ok. I’m going to talk about it anyway. Cuz I can. 😉


I think I created just as much buzz over Jenna’s hair sloppily done up as the picts of the dress.


Well first of all…Pinterest is my friend. I have fallen prey to not wanting to think for myself these days so I get lost on Pinterest looking and pinning all of the wonderfulness out there. It’s just easier than spending hours of trial and error that I don’t seem to have. I tried to make my phone a case today and guess what? It failed. I will try again in a few days but having a custom shop, I stay pretty busy.


Anyhoo…back to this sweet and feminine dress. I hoard fabrics from time to time and I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone. I buy a few extra goodies when ordering for my customers for just these occasions…and I save them. I never know when these fabulous sales are going to happen like the most recent bundle package sale. So I was so excited to use them when I saw what was going to be in the bundle. Actually there were 3 I was looking forward to making for Jenna…. The Bay, Beverly Belle (by Izzy & Ivy) and Poppy Fields romper (by Ellie Inspired). Well friends, I got as far as picking out my fabrics for these 3 and started on the bodice of the Bay before my entire family came down with yet another virus/flu/grossness. I’m so tired of being sick (coming from a family who is not known for catching every single bug/virus/yuckiness that comes to school)…..we have been sick a lot this school year for whatever reason.


So like I said I was rudely interrupted and my sewing was held hostage for a few days. But once I got a chance to finish it…I DID! Complete with fancy Pinterest hair and a mini photoshoot in my backyard here she is……





Until next time….


Make It and Love It

Spring Festival

So we had my kid’s school festival over the weekend and the weather was so lovely…..except for the wind. Yes, I was the vendor whose tent broke and we spent more time chasing down my items than I did talking to people. My poor husband spent 3 hours literally holding up one end of the tent! You can also see my sweet son Ashton helping hold the other end. What troopers!

But I can say it was STILL a good day 🙂 I ended up selling 3 dresses! EEEK! First time ever! I was so happy! Here is my neighbor modeling some watermelon bows (her favorite!)

All in all it was a good day….complete with a giveaway! Since I had so many enter, I decided to draw more than one name 🙂

Everyone whose name was drawn, gets a $5 shop credit to spend on something already made. Enjoy friends!

Until next time…