AVTR Blog Tour {Rag Apron Pattern}

Hi everyone!!!! It’s kinda been a little crazy around here lately but I have managed to make my 3rd A Vision To Remember rag style item!!! I’m so excited that I am finally getting the hang of it.  Today I am sharing the Women’s Rag Apron by AVTR made from one of my favorite fabric lines….Lost & Found Love by Riley Blake.  Bobbie was kind enough to send me some from her stash to make this.


I didn’t exactly know what I wanted the finished apron to look like when I started, except for where to use the heart fabrics.  From working with this fabric before, I knew I wanted to spotlight them again!  Included in the pattern there is a layout you can print out and label if you wanted to.  I probably will do something like that next time.  I’ve kinda been just winging it with the others.


I have *finally* clipped the edges enough so that it frays!!! I definitely needed to take smaller snips than I had been. Bobbie sent me this video of her making a rag quilt and it helped to see someone else going through the process. I learn best when I have a step by step demo.  Check it out here.


I do a ton of baking and it would make sense for me to wear this and whip up some MerriPoppins Signature cupcakes, right? Only I have a really small kitchen, bad lighting, and Miss H is much more photogenic than I, so we had to take these outside.  Which makes me sad because it would have been perfect for my most recent order…..

I also made a couple minor changes.  Instead of a frayed ruffle, I did hem mine by serging it then turning it over 1/4 inch.  I also shortened my scalloped trim on accident.  The kids interrupted me and before I realized it, I had lined it up at the wrong spot and I already started cutting. Ooops!  So know that yours will be a little longer than mine.  It still hits Miss H at a decent length, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much if you make the same mistake.


I also cut some extra long satin ribbon for the ties.  I made them longer so I could tie in the front or back. All in all though, I think it turned out really cute!  It’s sweet and sassy!  I love the fabric combo and how everything went together since I didn’t plan every piece of fabric.  This would make a cute gift for a wedding shower, birthday gift for someone who likes to bake, or maybe as a housewarming gift.  There are some free tutorials to make hanging towels or oven mitts that you could coordinate a set.  Just leave me a comment and I can send you the links.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my version!!!!  Check back later to see what else I’m cooking up!!!

AVTR Apron Blog Tour:


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What’s on my table Wednesday?

Hey friends!  Yes, I know I missed 2 Wednesdays…sorry about that.  Mr. Merri had to go out of town and then I came down with some crud that I’m sure my kiddos gave to me. But here we are today 🙂

IMG_7399-1 Can you guess what this is???????

Yep!  You’re correct!  It’s Rapunzel!  Evidently we are in full Rapunzel mode because this has been the most requested in the past week from my Etsy shop.


Jenna was so little then and it really wasn’t THAT long ago! Not quite 2 years ago! These kids sure do grow fast.  I will also be sharing some pictures of Miss H for a blog tour that is coming up soon.  I’ll have to dig back into the archives and see just how much they have all grown up before our eyes..LOL

I’ve also been trying to tame those scraps…..AGAIN!  That is almost a full time job taming the bags and bags of scraps.

IMG_7401-1 So I have found and pinned a few ideas to use them up.  I have a pinterest board called Quilting Beginnings if you want to check it out.

This particular scrap buster is from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff and this is a Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go panel.  My first attempt was ok.  It doesn’t look quite as bloomin’ as her example but I’ll keep at it 🙂  I have waaaaay tooooo maaaaany scraaaaaps so I’m sure a few less than perfect will be just fine.  I used the scraps you might have seen in some of my creations over time…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So after I get a few of those made in between orders, I’ll have a new project to sew up!  I’m not sure what it will be as of yet so if YOU have any ideas I would be happy to hear them 🙂

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What’s on my table Wednesday?


I’m still working on my last Valentine’s order!!!  But I also have a few simple bows that will also be ready to wear this weekend 🙂


So be on lookout on the Merri Poppins FB page for a popup bow sale annnnnd I will have an inventory sale coming soon.  It’s time to tackle those taxes and get ready for new creations!!!!  Thank you for your amazing support through the years…it means more than you realize!!!

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Addy Mae wrap up

Last week, I shared pics of the Addy Mae blankets from the A Vision to Remember blog tour with you. I hope you enjoyed the blankets and the posts all week. Each one was unique in its own way. I love that about sewing- even when you are all using the same pattern, they all come out different!

While everyone else was busy sharing their blankets with you, I was busy at the machine sewing up my own blanket! I am in love with this one! I don’t know if I will list it for sale, gift it as a baby gift, or keep it for myself!

*The fabric and pattern for this quilt were provided to me by Bobbi, the designer behind A Vision to Remember, the opinions and fabric placement are all mine though*


I love that these blankets are quick to come together! One of the reasons…

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Quilting 101: Addy Mae Car Seat & Tent

I love her bright colors!!!!

Sew Far North

The hardest part about making any quilt is choosing the fabric. This is even harder when I don’t know who the quilt is for, don’t own a car seat – or a baby for that matter! Originally I was going to hack this pattern into a cat cage cover. After all, those furry critters get chilly in their cages, but a friend is expecting her first grandchild in spring, so I decided to make the pattern as is. It looks so very cute after all.

IMG_3210 Love, love, love this look!

My girlfriend, an accomplished quilter and seamstress says quilting isn’t usually undertaken by the young for the following reasons. Fabric, notions and miscellaneous supplies can be expensive; it calls for time, which most people don’t have; it calls for precision and the ability to follow instructions carefully. I’m not sure I agree with her to he honest. I see a lot of…

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What’s on my table Wednesday?

Hi all!  I’m working on some oh-so-cute Valentine’s day dresses for a dolly and 2 little girls annnnnd a sweet little Minnie top!  With all of this snow and school being cancelled I am *trying* to get some things done….



Here is what the 2 dresses and 1 top will look like….

I’ve also got to put in some elastic in a pair of shorts for miss J and the coveted Thomas pants for a friend.  Hope ya’ll are enjoying your Wednesday!

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A Vision to Remember Blog Tour

The Addy Mae Quilt by A Vision To Remember is the absolutely perfect go to for an easy gift to make for a new mom!  This is one of those things I wished I would have had for my 2 babies who were born in Oct and March.


I made this on Friday when it started snowing here. I thought I would be able to hang it on my make shift clothesline for some pictures outside….but no.  It’s still snowing!   So the banister will have to do.


The most time consuming about this is cutting out the squares or rectangles. And the instructions tell you what order to sew the squares and rectangles so don’t be scared to try this!!!  It goes together quickly!


This is a gift for my neighbor but she doesn’t know what the gender is right now. Soooo if she ends up having a girl, I will probably add some bows to this!  I think it would be adorable!! I didn’t use batting so that it’s not too warm of a blanket.  She has a few months before her baby is due and the really cold weather will be gone by then. The brown dot is flannel (so so snuggly!) and the rest is woven cotton.  I also left off the baby canopy tabs for now, but once she gets her carseat I will add them.


So for now, she has a cute little rag quilt. I hope you check out what everyone else made in the Blog Tour!!  They have some cute fabric combos as well 🙂 Thanks for letting me make this Bobbie!  It was a fun sew!
A Vision to Remember Addy Mae is the perfect gift for all those little babies this winter! Be sure to check out the different blankets this week!

Jan 26- Larissa from Connected by a thread

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