AVTR Houndstooth Rag Quilt Blog Tour


Hello there!!! It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last quilt post but I’ve been at it again! ¬†This time it was quite interesting ūüôā


This is the Houndstooth Rag quilt from A Vision To Remember. ¬†Bobbie was kind enough to mail out my favorite color (purple) from her fabric shop. ¬†The print is called Briar Rose¬†and it’s so lovely! ¬†The darker purple is from my own stash and the light pink is a cotton solid from Riley Blake. You can find both of those in her Etsy shop. ¬†Just follow the links! My purple didn’t quite match, but this quilt is for me….and the more purple the happier I am ūüôā


I didn’t have quite enough of the pink to make up the second fabric…so I improvised with the darker purple. ¬†It was actually easier than it looks! ¬†I cut everything out and made my blocks. ¬†Then I unpicked the ones that needed 3 fabrics, resewed with the correct color (pink or purple) and viola!


I would love to see each of the houndstooth as a different color! ¬†I think it would be a really cool rainbow quilt. For the boarder, I didn’t follow any directions. ¬†I made it up as I went…kinda in a log cabin style. ¬†There is a border option in the directions, though.


I thought I would need extreme hand holding from my quilting friends to make this, but I didn’t! ¬†So if you are looking to try something different give this one a go. ¬†It looks more intimidating than it actually was. ¬†I will warn you…..there is a TON of cutting. ¬†I hear there are special scissors for rag quilts. ¬†I do not own those so…. yes, I cut all of this with regular scissors. ¬†But I will be looking to invest in those special ones! ¬†I watched almost 2 movies to get it all cut. ¬†Try it!!! ¬†I would love to see what you make!!

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AVTR Blog Tour {Rag Apron Pattern}

Hi everyone!!!! It’s kinda been a little crazy around here lately but I have managed to make my 3rd A Vision To Remember rag style item!!!¬†I’m so excited that I am finally getting the hang of it. ¬†Today I am sharing the Women’s Rag Apron by AVTR made from one of my favorite fabric lines….Lost & Found Love by Riley Blake. ¬†Bobbie was kind enough to send me some from her stash to make this.


I didn’t exactly know what I wanted the finished apron to look like when I started, except for where to use the heart fabrics. ¬†From working with this fabric before, I knew I wanted to spotlight them again! ¬†Included in the pattern there is a layout you can print out and label if you wanted to. ¬†I probably will do something like that next time. ¬†I’ve kinda been just winging it with the others.


I have *finally* clipped the edges enough so that it frays!!! I definitely needed to take smaller snips than I had been. Bobbie sent me this video of her making a rag quilt and it helped to see someone else going through the process. I learn best when I have a step by step demo.  Check it out here.


I do a ton of baking and it would make sense for me to wear this and whip up some MerriPoppins Signature cupcakes, right? Only I have a really small kitchen, bad lighting, and Miss H is much more photogenic than I, so we had to take these outside. ¬†Which makes me sad because it would have been perfect for my most recent order…..

I also made a couple minor changes. ¬†Instead of a frayed ruffle, I did hem mine by serging it then turning it over 1/4 inch. ¬†I also shortened my scalloped trim on accident. ¬†The kids interrupted me and before I realized it, I had lined it up at the wrong spot and I already started cutting. Ooops! ¬†So know that yours will be a little longer than mine. ¬†It still hits Miss H at a decent length, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much if you make the same mistake.


I also cut some extra long satin ribbon for the ties. ¬†I made them longer so I could tie in the front or back.¬†All in all though, I think it turned out really cute! ¬†It’s sweet and sassy! ¬†I love the fabric combo and how everything went together since I didn’t plan every piece of fabric. ¬†This would make a cute gift for a wedding shower, birthday gift for someone who likes to bake, or maybe as a housewarming gift. ¬†There are some free tutorials to make hanging towels or oven mitts that you could coordinate a set. ¬†Just leave me a comment and I can send you the links.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my version!!!! ¬†Check back later to see what else I’m cooking up!!!

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A Vision to Remember Blog Tour

The Addy Mae Quilt by A Vision To Remember is the absolutely perfect go to for an easy gift to make for a new mom!  This is one of those things I wished I would have had for my 2 babies who were born in Oct and March.


I made this on Friday when it started snowing here. I thought I would be able to hang it on my make shift clothesline for some pictures outside….but no. ¬†It’s still snowing! ¬† So the banister will have to do.


The most time consuming about this is cutting out the squares or rectangles. And the instructions tell you what order to sew the squares and rectangles so don’t be scared to try this!!! ¬†It goes together quickly!


This is a gift for my neighbor but she doesn’t know what the gender is right now.¬†Soooo if she ends up having a girl, I will probably add some bows to this! ¬†I think it would be adorable!!¬†I didn’t use batting so that it’s not too warm of a blanket. ¬†She has a few months before her baby is due and the really cold weather will be gone by then. The brown dot is flannel (so so snuggly!)¬†and the rest is woven cotton. ¬†I also left off the baby canopy tabs for now, but once she gets her carseat I will add them.


So for now, she has a cute little rag quilt. I hope you check out what everyone else made in the Blog Tour!! ¬†They have some cute fabric combos as well ūüôā Thanks for letting me make this Bobbie! ¬†It was a fun sew!
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~Blog Tour~ Shabby Christmas Stocking


Hi Everyone! ¬†Welcome to my stop on the blog tour!!! ¬†Here are the others who are participating so please stop by and see what they are making too……

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I’m pretty excited to share what I have made. ¬†I have been digging into my scrap pile A LOT lately. ¬†This is a good thing because I came across the perfect fabrics to use for these stockings. My friend Bobbie from A Vision to Remember has a cute rag quilt Christmas Stocking pattern and tutorial on her blog. ¬†Click over if you want to have some fun and make your own!

Shabby Chic Stocking


I got all of my fabric scraps together and decided our kitten Sven needed a stocking for Christmas. Jenna insisted that Anna have one too which is a good thing because silly me I used FLEECE instead of FLANNEL to make Sven’s stocking “sandwiches” (my favorite term used to describe the way to piece this together) LOL.

Shabby Chic Stocking  Shabby Chic Stocking


So just so YOU know because I wasn’t thinking…fleece doesn’t fray. ¬†And to make this shabby-chic you need it all to fray. ¬†OOOPS! ¬†So I correctly made Anna’s with FLANNEL and woven. ¬†And you can tell the difference!! I don’t notice the cuts in the flannel as much as I do the fleece. And I feel like it blends together better too. ¬†But I don’t think either cats really care because both are comfy to lay on evidently.


IMG_6851-1  IMG_6835-1

I am new to quilting and this was the first time using the rag quilt technique.  Once I got the hang of putting WRONG SIDES together because I normally sew right sides together, it went fairly fast.  Which is a great thing because Christmas will be here very soon and these kitties want some new toys, just like the kids!!!

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