What’s On My Table Wednesday?

So I’ve been a tad MIA.  I know…I know.

BUT we bought a house (HUGE STEP)!!!  Annnnd I have my very own sewing space!!!!  I could not be happier.  But more on that later……

Sooooooo before our move, I was asked to make a lace dress for a sweet friend’s daughter.  A 1st Communion Dress to be exact.  I have never made one before but her sweet mama guided me as to lengths and such.  She found something she liked and I tried to recreate something similar.


I used the Gabrielle-Fae pdf pattern.  I’ve made that one a few times now.  So I modified it a tad to get the overlay just right. It really turned out so sweet and Miss E. got to wear it a couple of times!  Hopefully my stitching will last so it can be an heirloom dress for her to hand down to her future generations.  I love that the scalloped lace hem was so perfect on the sleeves.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell online exactly what size is going to look right in comparison to the person wearing it.  But it lined up perfectly there 🙂

She is absolutely darling!  Thanks for letting me make this for your special day!


Until Next time,



Garden Party in Voile


Voile is probably my most favorite fabric to work with.  I accidentally purchased some when I first started out sewing years ago (which was a happy mistake!) and nothing has topped it since.  It looks like cotton woven but it’s kinda silky feeling and very light weight.  My daughter absolutely loves to wear things made from voile. Miss J picked this print out for her birthday dress which I purchased from Whimsical Fabric and it’s called Table Flowers in Cheer .


The pattern I picked to sew is  Garden Party by Oliver & S  and it’s also available at Whimsical Fabric.  I thought the drape that the voile provides, would look nice on the gathered bodice of this pattern.  Because the fabric is light weight,  it did make gathering very easy. I always use a fresh needle when working with anything light weight.  We don’t want to ruin any pretty fabric! Especially since voile is a tad more expensive than regular cotton woven.  It is 54″ wide, so you can possibly make a few things from a yard depending on what it is and still get your money’s worth.


This was my first Oliver & S sew and it definitely has nice finishing  touches that I haven’t sewn in a while.  Sewing the bias tape around the arms was a tad harder than normal for me. The fabric was slippery being that I only pinned it in place.  I’ll have to find a better method if I sew this one in voile again.


You can also make this with a second fabric for the bands on the bodice if you don’t like it in all one fabric. Most of the time I choose a two fabric option so I thought I would change it up this time 🙂  I left the length long on her because she likes her dresses like that.  I think just above the knee, however, would be super cute! There was also an option for short sleeves that I will try next time. I’m sure she will ask for another one of these as she didn’t want to take it off. But then again, voile feels cozy on the skin so I can’t say I blame her!

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I hope you enjoyed what I made and will check out the other ideas as well!!!!

Until next time,


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You can shop voile fabrics on the Whimsical Fabric website and be sure to use VOILE for 10% off your voile order! Coupon expires Thursday, March 24th at midnight CST.

What’s on my table Wednesday?

Hey friends!  Yes, I know I missed 2 Wednesdays…sorry about that.  Mr. Merri had to go out of town and then I came down with some crud that I’m sure my kiddos gave to me. But here we are today 🙂

IMG_7399-1 Can you guess what this is???????

Yep!  You’re correct!  It’s Rapunzel!  Evidently we are in full Rapunzel mode because this has been the most requested in the past week from my Etsy shop.


Jenna was so little then and it really wasn’t THAT long ago! Not quite 2 years ago! These kids sure do grow fast.  I will also be sharing some pictures of Miss H for a blog tour that is coming up soon.  I’ll have to dig back into the archives and see just how much they have all grown up before our eyes..LOL

I’ve also been trying to tame those scraps…..AGAIN!  That is almost a full time job taming the bags and bags of scraps.

IMG_7401-1 So I have found and pinned a few ideas to use them up.  I have a pinterest board called Quilting Beginnings if you want to check it out.

This particular scrap buster is from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff and this is a Bloomin’ Quilt-As-You-Go panel.  My first attempt was ok.  It doesn’t look quite as bloomin’ as her example but I’ll keep at it 🙂  I have waaaaay tooooo maaaaany scraaaaaps so I’m sure a few less than perfect will be just fine.  I used the scraps you might have seen in some of my creations over time…..

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So after I get a few of those made in between orders, I’ll have a new project to sew up!  I’m not sure what it will be as of yet so if YOU have any ideas I would be happy to hear them 🙂

Until next time,


What’s on my table Wednesday?


I’m still working on my last Valentine’s order!!!  But I also have a few simple bows that will also be ready to wear this weekend 🙂


So be on lookout on the Merri Poppins FB page for a popup bow sale annnnnd I will have an inventory sale coming soon.  It’s time to tackle those taxes and get ready for new creations!!!!  Thank you for your amazing support through the years…it means more than you realize!!!

Until next time,


What’s on my table Wednesday?

Hi all!  I’m working on some oh-so-cute Valentine’s day dresses for a dolly and 2 little girls annnnnd a sweet little Minnie top!  With all of this snow and school being cancelled I am *trying* to get some things done….



Here is what the 2 dresses and 1 top will look like….

I’ve also got to put in some elastic in a pair of shorts for miss J and the coveted Thomas pants for a friend.  Hope ya’ll are enjoying your Wednesday!

Until next time…


What’s on my Table Wednesday!

Hi everyone!  Last week I was going to share what I’m working on BUT my plans were halted due to one massive migraine.  Sooooo this week is much, much, much better!!!  YAY!  I bring to you…..

What’s on my table Wednesday!

Well that’s easy….


I’m working on Hungry Caterpillar Tunics!  I started sewing these over the summer for a back-to-school themed, ready to ship (RTS) collaboration with a few other boutiques. That was a lot of fun but short lived.  You see, there is a ton of work involved in hosting those and being a part of them.  So our little group kinda stopped for a while.  I do hope to get back in one at some point because I love the chatting and sharing with the other mamas!


This past year I revamped my Etsy Shop and my sales soared! It’s hard to find your niche in a place that has soooo much awesomeness and so many who do what I do as well. I had 39 sales last year alone.  That was a huge leap from 20 orders from the combined dates from opening in April 2012-Dec 2014.  Already this year 2016 I’ve had 7 orders….6 of them are Hungry Caterpillar Tunics!


So it’s safe to say this is a hit for me!!!  I love that so many of you are searching hi and low for that special dress for your little one’s 1st birthday 🙂 After a couple of requests to make these more “January friendly”, I’m happy to say that I will be offering this with flutter sleeves and other trim colors as well.


Happy Wednesday everyone!  It’s back to my table for now….I need to get these in the mail today!  Thanks for checking in with me 🙂

Until next time,


Top Stitchers Entry……

Oh my gosh!  The day is finally here!  Except I’m over here wringing my hands because I’m second guessing myself, per usual.  One BIG thing I learned is…..white is HARD to photograph. So kudos to all of you wedding photographers with getting those awesome detailed shots of white dresses.  I obviously didn’t think that aspect through before this task.  Anyway, hopefully you can see some of the details I was trying to express.  Here are some outtakes that didn’t make the cut on the TS blog (click on the link to see both entries from Bobbie and I)….Enjoy!




Posing with trees….just for Becca! 😉


A whole lotta sass!


And yes, she is still playing with her new bunny!!


Until next time!