Halloween Order In Full Swing

Hi everyone!!!  I’m literally up to my eyeballs in orders this season!!  Why am I writing a post then?  I should be sewing you say!!  Well you are correct.  I should be sewing all those lovely orders right this very minute!  But I wanted to take a moment to say


I’m having the best year ever!  Not so great with my blogging…but best year ever sewing for all of you!!!  So now back to getting all of the Hulks, Annies, Jessies, and  Woodys that seem to be so popular this season. I even made a dog Hulk!  So cute!!!

Until next time!



Thinking about Halloween!

We have already started to talk about Halloween and fall around here.  It is our most favorite time of year!  Hailey and I have been Pinterest-ing ideas back and forth so we can decide how we’re going to decorate.

So last costume making season….I had a custom request on Etsy to make this Hulk costume.  I loved it!  There is a great tutorial floating around somewhere (I’ll have to link it at a later time) but the outcome was spot on.  I decided to start offering it in the shop on Etsy as of today. Yaay!


Anyway, it got my costume making sew-jo brewing and thinking about what new things I wanted to add to the shop.  So if you want to see something or have an idea…comment it!  I’m already offering FREE Shipping on all orders placed thru Etsy this month by using code AUG2017. I might just throw your names into a hat and draw for another prize!!!! You can comment here or IG and I will combine the two. Thanks lovely friends!

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Halloween Extravaganza!!

SOOOOO, how’s it going?  Well, I’ll tell ya….BUSY!  Like Super Duper Busy.  Like head- spinning busy.  I have finally delivered my last costume today.  Whoop whoop!  That was a great feeling.  Luckily it was for my cousin’s sweet little princess so that made it a smidge less anxious.  But none the less….it was a costume I hadn’t made before and one I was excited to make but it’s nerve wracking because I don’t want it to be anything less than AWESOME!  Miss A is going as Sofia the first!  I can NOT wait to share her Halloween pictures on my MP page over on FB.  I also made a couple Rapunzels, a Cinderella, a Cleaning Cindy and a Tiana for Etsy customers.

sofiafirst-1  princesses-1

I do however, have a couple of other sweet sneaks before the big night!!!! These little cuties are LOVING their Little Mermaid and Wonder Woman dresses!  Their momma graciously allowed me to share their photos with you all.  I sure hope these lil ladies have warmer weather than we will be having here or they might have to layer up!

Little Mermaid wonder woman ww&LM

Just like Miss S had to in her cutest little pumpkin costume!!!  She is also quite the character.  Her momma mentioned to me that she had expanded her Halloween costume wish list to include several ideas…

“Mommy after I’m a pumpkin I want to be a rabbit, a witch, and a bat! So…. tell Mrs. JaNette to make me all those. OK!”

Oh Miss S!  You are awesome!!!!


Then there was Mr. J who loved wearing his Bat jacket at the Halloween party….it looks pretty awesome in the sunlight too!

jackbat2-1 jackbat-1

And last but not least….A little Minnie Mouse!!!

Minnie Mouse

I really can’t wait to see my newsfeed fill with all of your little ones wearing my creations!  It really does make my day!!!  And if you want an extra TREAT from me….share your pics(Not limited to the ones I have made), tag me and “yell” TRICK OR TREAT to be entered into a drawing for a holiday bow!!!!  I promise it will be a cute one!  We will let Random.org decide the winner. You will have until Nov 7th to enter and then Nov 8th I will announce the winner!

In the meantime I also wanted to share a THANKYOU10 coupon good for any order placed through the end of the year.  You can use it on Etsy or FB when you order.  Just got to remember to use it!

Thanks for being the very best customers a girl could ask for!!! XOXO

Until next time,