Spring Fever

Since my last post I have sewn up a few more things for my shop.  One of them being a cute little romper that reminds me of Beatrix Potter with it’s dreamy cabbage print.  Pretty teal, green, blue and purples!!!


There has been an upswing of my friends and family having little girls so I’m sure this one won’t sit around too long.  I have more Spring goodies in the works but who knows when I will get to them…..  

The kids have been keeping us busy between their events and us trying to keep away from the crud that has been lurking around.

We celebrated Jenna’s 9th birthday with a little surprise snow shower and then a warm beautiful day for her party! This weather has been a rollercoaster ride for sure….

We’ve also been working on the flower beds and getting things completed around the house so we can enjoy our lab puppies that are due to arrive soon! 

Here is Ashton giving Omie, Luna, and Bella a treat. I can not wait for furbaby feet again! Its been a while since we’ve had a house full of puppies. 

So all in all…we have been busy bees! I have been sewing up a bunch of princess dresses for orders AND a special princess Miss S is going to Disney soon,  so we had a cute photo shoot recently (more on that in another post). So thats all for now! I will also write up a short post about Jenna’s awesome unicorn cake sometime soon. So come back and check out all of that magical fun!

Until next time, 



All about the plaid


I bought this Trendy Tunic pattern and this fabric back in the fall.  I was trying to sew “outside of the box” a little more.  I wasn’t sure I actually liked this until Jenna wore it a few times.  She of course loved it from day 1!!!

IMG_2110  IMG_2100

It has great pockets to collect things in and it’s super comfy.  The knit is so soft and cozy!!!  I also have a horse print cut out but I haven’t made it yet.  It’s still sitting on my table buried under orders for other people.  That is what tends to happen these days!  I have a pile of UFO’s that were supposed to be for Jenna.  Some she has sadly outgrown by now.

IMG_2105   IMG_2108

She loves her ruffle pants too.  They go with so much.  I really need to make some more in different colors.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was scared to sew them!  They are super easy and I wish I had made her more in the beginning of my sewing “career”.  I love seeing the little 3 year olds running around in ruffles.  Oh well…that just means I get to make them for you!

IMG_2113  IMG_2099

Until next time!