All about the plaid


I bought this Trendy Tunic pattern and this fabric back in the fall.  I was trying to sew “outside of the box” a little more.  I wasn’t sure I actually liked this until Jenna wore it a few times.  She of course loved it from day 1!!!

IMG_2110  IMG_2100

It has great pockets to collect things in and it’s super comfy.  The knit is so soft and cozy!!!  I also have a horse print cut out but I haven’t made it yet.  It’s still sitting on my table buried under orders for other people.  That is what tends to happen these days!  I have a pile of UFO’s that were supposed to be for Jenna.  Some she has sadly outgrown by now.

IMG_2105   IMG_2108

She loves her ruffle pants too.  They go with so much.  I really need to make some more in different colors.  I remember a couple of years ago, I was scared to sew them!  They are super easy and I wish I had made her more in the beginning of my sewing “career”.  I love seeing the little 3 year olds running around in ruffles.  Oh well…that just means I get to make them for you!

IMG_2113  IMG_2099

Until next time!