What’s On My Table Wednesday

Sloooow and steady. That is what has been going on around here.

I have been getting things accomplished though! My office is still a disaster with all of the projects being worked on at the moment. But here is a quick recap of what I’ve managed to finish…

I’m proud to say that I did complete those 2 mermaid UFO’s I mentioned!!! I am also working on finishing up my husband’s quilt for his birthday next week. It definitely feels awesome to check things off the list.

And I found these half finished knit baby pants that were almost wearable in my UFO pile. They only needed elastic for the waist! I’m sure I ran out of elastic and set them aside completely forgetting all about them. Honestly I can’t remember how long they’ve been in the pile. Anyway, they will be in my shop soon once I get a few picts of them!!

Hopefully by me finishing up some of my UFO’s, it will encourage you to finish a project or two that you’ve put on the back burner for whatever reason. Everyone has something!!! I would love to hear about it 🙂 Leave me a comment on what you have waiting to be completed!!!!

Until next time….



Big Plans

So a few days ago I shared that I had big {HUGE} plans.  Well that meant I was finally going to seriously tackle the LARGE pile of UFO’s that I have accumulated.  A UFO is (if you don’t know) an UnFinished Object.  I have several bins of them. Too many.


What’s really sad is some of the dresses are almost done! Which frustrates me a lot since I know there are several awesome items just waiting….ever so patiently.  I have such good intentions of being organized and then it all unravels.  So my goal is to finish 1 a week through August.  I might be able to get more done but who knows.  I have already condensed them into quilts and garments containers.  So that’s a start!!

I have 4 quilts going on.  A cat quilt for my daughter for when she goes to college, so I have some time for that one.  My Harry Potter quilt that is halfway through.  My husbands that I might finish up in time for his birthday this month!!  And a special one for a friend.  So for today…I’m going to tackle these 2 dresses.  They probably have an hour’s worth of work left before they are wearable.


They are both mermaid inspired and perfect for summer.  With the new awesome Disney deals just announce, maybe a lucky little girl will get to twirl in the park and meet her favorite princess!! I will post an update once they are finished and loaded in the shop 🙂

Until next time….


Happy New yEAR!

Hey ya’ll! Long time no see!?! Yep that would be my fault. You see, I always have the best intentions but lack the time to cram it all in. I know I’m not alone. So for this year’s resolution I’m going to cut myself some slack and just take it 1 day at a time! 😍 That already feels manageable!

Ok..so what does that mean for my shop?? I guess you’re going to have to check in and see what’s going on. I do have plans. BIG, HUGE plans! But first, a not-so-secretive secret to share. After many, many years…12 to be exact….we are going on vacation! To…..DISNEY! Yes you heard that correctly! The Herndons will be hanging out in Disney this year. All of those crazy sewing hours will have paid off. So THANK YOU again to those who have supported my little shop. I’m secretly hoping to spy a few of my creations running about so drop a comment of when you are going so I can see if we will be there at the same time! So exciting!



One new item coming soon is the option for coordinating ears! They are so much fun to make and wear. My oldest daughter has been designing several to share with her friends on their band trip to Disney in a few weeks. So as I get some pictures back of them in use, I will start adding those to the shop.




Just some fun simple ones to start off 😍 And watch for new characters like Goofy! This dress was so much fun to make. I love the pocket!


So that’s all for now my friends!! Until next time!


What’s On My Table Wednesday

Yep, it’s Wednesday!  I’ve been a busy, busy lady.  The month of May is always jammed packed full of stuff.  For example….Mother’s Day, our wedding anniversary, dance recitals, prom, field day, track season, and our annual Memorial Day cookout (check out IG for picts of those happenings) And a few other things thrown in there!  Today was the Wax Museum for Jenna’s class.  One of my favorite things they have in 4th grade!!  She was Abe Lincoln….


And here are the girls in their costumes from dress rehearsal…



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now I’m in my office trying to decide on what I should work on next. I have a bunch of baby items to sew up with all of the new bundles of joy that have arrived or will arrive soon! Several cute-as-a-button romper styles for girls or a tiny Vintie Overall for the sweetest little boy who was born over the weekend.  Decisions, decisions!!  However,  I did finish these little items about a month ago but had to wait for warmer weather to snap a few pics.  Aren’t they the sweetest girls!!!



And welcome to the club Lilo and Stitch!!  My newest character dress is Lilo.  Hopefully I can find a large floral print to use for the main listing on Etsy but for now this sample will have to do 🙂 and will be available on Etsy to purchase!!


That’s all for now!!  I will share what I decided to make on IG!

Until next time!!



What’s on my table Wednesday?

I have been staring at a pile of fabrics for a while.  Since we moved in here….2 years ago.  Yes.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!  Crazy how time really does fly.


I have so many things I want to make.  I have started with printing all of the patterns off and organizing the fabric accordingly.  I won’t know until I pick up that particular pile of fabric which sizes I will be making though.  So everything is uncut and just in piles.  Piles, piles, piles.  But I’m determined to make these things and list them!!!  Heck, I made 70+ items in 6 weeks time at Halloween.  I can do this!  There is a special reason I’m pushing myself this year. I can’t spill the beans just yet…but it’s HUGE!  Anyway, today’s WOMTW is summer stuff for babies!  Cute little denim diaper cover with bandanna shirts.  Adorable!  Perfect for the 4th of July or just a hot summer day.



Can’t wait for my new little niece to try this on!  She is gonna be so stinking cute!  This can be a great little sun suit for those who go to the beach but don’t want to put a swim suit on their little girl.  Add a hat or a cute little denim head wrap bow and she will be stylin!!!  I will have two style of  tops to choose from to go with the denim diaper cover.  But as always, if you have a preference of a solid color bandanna fabric…I can make that happen too!

Fingers crossed that it warms up soon so the babies don’t freeze during their modeling session!! Once I get modeled pictures I will list it in my shop!!  Keep your eyes peeled!!Until next time!


Halloween Order In Full Swing

Hi everyone!!!  I’m literally up to my eyeballs in orders this season!!  Why am I writing a post then?  I should be sewing you say!!  Well you are correct.  I should be sewing all those lovely orders right this very minute!  But I wanted to take a moment to say


I’m having the best year ever!  Not so great with my blogging…but best year ever sewing for all of you!!!  So now back to getting all of the Hulks, Annies, Jessies, and  Woodys that seem to be so popular this season. I even made a dog Hulk!  So cute!!!

Until next time!


Thinking about Halloween!

We have already started to talk about Halloween and fall around here.  It is our most favorite time of year!  Hailey and I have been Pinterest-ing ideas back and forth so we can decide how we’re going to decorate.

So last costume making season….I had a custom request on Etsy to make this Hulk costume.  I loved it!  There is a great tutorial floating around somewhere (I’ll have to link it at a later time) but the outcome was spot on.  I decided to start offering it in the shop on Etsy as of today. Yaay!


Anyway, it got my costume making sew-jo brewing and thinking about what new things I wanted to add to the shop.  So if you want to see something or have an idea…comment it!  I’m already offering FREE Shipping on all orders placed thru Etsy this month by using code AUG2017. I might just throw your names into a hat and draw for another prize!!!! You can comment here or IG and I will combine the two. Thanks lovely friends!

Until next time,